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Vinecats Shows You That It’s Cats All Over the World Tonight


Vine is supposedly Twitter’s answer to Instagram, but it seems like a weak concept at best. The idea behind it is to capture videos up to six seconds long and share them with others through the iOS app. Most of the ones we’ve seen so far are basically 6-second long clips of still (or slightly animate) objects, animals, or scenery–nothing that a picture can’t take care of.

But one thing Vine is good for is cat videos. It doesn’t matter if they’re actually doing something during the short duration of the video capture; at least you can actually see them breathing. Collating and displaying a constant stream of all the cat-related content on Vine and Twitter for you is Vinecats, which is a site put up by q30 design.

It’s basically cat porn for cat lovers who can’t get over adorable kitteny balls of fur and purring cats who secretly (or not-so-secretly) want you to do their every bidding. Enjoy!

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]