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Stick a Whooz On It: Give Your iPhone Chargers a Face (And a Personality)

Whooz Charger

If there’s more than one iPhone user in the household, then there are bound to be arguments about who stole whose charger, since there happens to only be one on the table where there should be two. End the charger wars once and for all with Whooz’s quirky labels that will give your charger a face and a personality to boot.

There are two sets of labels available for iPhones: the Character set, which features four very distinct and very loud-looking personalities, and the Color set, which features four colors for the less daring iPhone owner.

Whooz Charger2 Whooz Charger1

Whooz also has a set of Character labels for the iPad, which feature four different characters from the iPhone set to prevent further mix-ups. Each set of the labels for the iPhone and iPad chargers are available for $12.95.

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