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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Maple Bacon Chocolate Sauce Is The Ultimate Taste Trifecta

Perhaps it’s a Canadian affectation, but I firmly believe that the maple-bacon flavor combination is as perfect and complementary as peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter and jam. The tastes are meant for each other, inseparable in aroma as some characters are in fiction: Bonnie and Clyde, Ren and Stimpy, or Tom and freaking Jerry come to mind. The Maple Bacon Chocolate sauce you see above not only combines the smoky-sweet goodness of maple-bacon, but layers it over a thick, sirupy base of chocolate. And just like that, you’ve got yourself the kind of concoction you’re going to be wanting to put on everything: pancakes, French toast, regular toast, french fries, on bacon, in your coffee, smeared all over your face in a maple-bacon-choloate induced nervous breakdown.

Each jar contains 5 ounces, which isn’t a whole lot. And it’s $10 per jar, which is a lot. But hey: maple. Bacon. Chocolate!

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ManHands Manly-Scented Soaps: Because All You Need to Be a Man is to Smell Like One

Man Soap

Remember that song that went something like, “Walk like a man, talk like a man…” by the Four Seasons? They should’ve added something about smelling like man, because apparently, all you have to do to be a man is smell like one. That is, if the promo people behind ManHands line of manly-scented soaps for men are to be believed.

They do have a point. With all the floral and perfume-scented bars of soap in the market, a guy has to do a lot of searching to find one that won’t leave him smelling like a girl. The search is now over, though, because ManHands has got every guy on the planet covered. I’m just not sure if guys will actually want to use the soaps in their novelty-like line, which includes scents like beer, bacon, muscle rub, and urinal mint.

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Not For the Sqeamish: This $470,000 Ring is Covered With Actual Human Skin

Skin Ring

There’s a fine line between an ingenious design and an oddly disgusting one. I think Sruli Recht‘s ‘Forget Me Knot’ ring leans toward the latter, but you be the judge. It’s a truly unique ring in the sense that it has a small strip of Recht’s actual skin mounted on the exterior. I kid you not; the designer actually had a 4 inch by 0.4 inch piece of skin sliced off from his abdomen to cover the 24-karat gold band.

After Recht’s skin was removed, it was tanned and then mounted to the ring, with all his tummy hairs intact. To reassure potential buyers that they’re truly getting a piece of Recht with the ring, it will be sold with a DNA certificate and come bundled with a DVD documenting the entire process.

The price? $470,000. You can hit the break for a graphic video showing the ring’s creation, although I would advise against it if you’re the squeamish type.

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Drinkmaster Hoodie Lets You Drink In Style In the Great Outdoors

Drinkmaster Hoodie

If you’ve ever tried to drink outdoors on a cold night, then you might’ve been able to make the unpleasant realization that it’s not as simple or easy as it looks. It’s too cold to grip the bottle using your bare hands, but it slips and slides when you try to hold it using the sleeve of your jacket. Then there’s the matter of trying to pop the bottle open with shaking and shivering hands. So do yourself a favor and swap out your regular jacket for the Drinkmaster Hoodie.

It’s the only hoodie in the market that’s made especially for a drinker’s enjoyment. The Drinkmaster is fashioned from quality cotton and polyblend. It has a built-in Neoprine-lined beer koozie pocket, a zipper with a bottle opener wedged somewhere in between, a flask pocket on the inside of the jacket, and built-in drinking gloves on the sleeve with a non-slip grip. It even has a snappable ID pocket so you can hand your ID over to buy your booze in a snap.

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‘Loading…’ Watch Concept Makes You Infinitely Wait For Time

The ‘Loading…’ watch concept is definitely one of the most interesting ones that I’ve seen lately. It pays homage to the screen that gamers often find themselves faced with when loading up their video game of choice. It also looks like the progress bar of computers back when screens only came in black and white and it took close to a few minutes to get the system all booted up.

And now, thanks to Max, this load screen could be featured on your next watch. That is, if Tokyo Flash ever decides to go with the design and turn the concept into a reality.

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Somehow, The Cloud Got Behind The Sun In This Egg Mold

There are many ways to brighten up your morning, and putting your eggs into a cloud shaped mold is as good as any. You can make a pretty landscape on your plate, and think about how much better your life would be if you could be anywhere else in the world but in the frozen tundra that northeastern America has become… Only, we’re not sure how the cloud manages to get, you know, behind the sun. But we suppose that’s one of those pedantic thoughts you’re not supposed to have because they ruin the picture. So, there you have it: the Sunnyside egg mold is $12.

Update: Design by Avihai Shurin for Monkey Business.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

DNA Bullets Mark A Suspect For Easier Arrest

When there’s a riot or any sort of high-risk situation, it’s not easy for the police to arrest everyone. They’re outnumbered and have to make decisions on how much risk to expose themselves to. That’s often an opportunity for criminals to get away. But if the SelectDNA product shown above takes off, that might get a little harder. It’s a pistol or rifle that comes loaded with very special pellets that mark their target with an indelible DNA-based substance. This makes it possible to positively identify and arrest the perpetrators later, when there’s less danger in doing so. And it’s better than colour markers, because the specificity of the DNA makes it possible to link them to a particular crime, rather than leave open the opportunity to claim that the ink came from “somewhere else”. Each pistol or rifle has an effective range of about 40m (131ft.), and each pellet in a pack has the same DNA identifying code. The DNA is synthetic, “meaning that the number of possible unique codes is infinite. Furthermore, it cannot be analysed without prior knowledge of the ‘Key Codes’, and therefore can’t be copied by any third party.”

There’s no word on how much this would cost, but of course it’s not a consumer product, so… what do we care? It’s just interesting to know this sort of tech exists.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Be Tree-Incarnated: Become a Tree In Your Next Life

Ants are extremely hardworking creatures. They’re insects with qualities I really admire, but because they’re often killed by people for wandering around at the dinner table (and too close to the stew), I wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as one in my next life. That is, if I believed in reincarnation, but I’m still iffy about it at this point.

Regardless, I would think that the awesomest way to come back on Earth would be as a tree. Preferably a huge one that people wouldn’t want to cut down ever. If you have the same notion, then you might want to check the Spiritree out.

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Brolly Umbrella Frees Up A Thumb So You Can Text In The Rain

That’s the kind of society we’re becoming: one that creates products specifically so you can immerse yourself into your smartphone more efficiently. Avoiding any further social commentary, we’ll just say that the Brolly Rain Umbrella (as opposed to what kind of umbrella? Sun we suppose, but… really?) is just a regular umbrella that happens to have a handle with finger holes. This means you can hold it without using your opposable thumb, thus freeing it to join your free hand and double your texting speed in the rain. There are claims of it being “ergonomic”, but we’re not buying it; this design isn’t about providing optimum comfort or relieving stress. It’s about being able to text in the rain.

It’s $20.

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