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Man Puts Himself Up For ‘Sale’ on Amazon–His Asking Price? A Job!

Man Puts Himself Up For ‘Sale’ on Amazon–His Asking Price? A Job!

This is Philippe Dubost, and he’s putting himself up for sale on Amazon. At least, that’s what he made it look like anyway.

What you see above is a screenshot of Philippe’s resume, and it’s definitely one of the most creative ones we’ve seen so far. He’s a web product manager, so it make sense that he’d choose this medium to show off his skills and qualifications. Obviously, the listing isn’t really up on Amazon (I’m sure they wouldn’t allow it anyway). Rather, it’s hosted on Philippe’s own domain, and he’s dubbed the page as an ‘Amaz-ing Resume’. Amaz-ing…get it?

The whole resume is based on Amazon’s product listing layout with a few obvious modifications. The fun part is that Philippe even inserted a couple of ads to the page just to make it look more like an actual Amazon listing. But just in case someone didn’t get what he was trying to do, he added a short note to the footer:

This website was made in Jan 2013 by Philippe Dubost for the sole purpose of a playful and creative job search. No copyright infringement intended.

This unusual resume might not be for everyone, so Philippe included a link to his LinkedIn page where you can check out his credentials the typical (and more boring) way.

VIA [ Bit Rebels ]