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The Moon From Marjora’s Mask, Bullet Bill, Mario, Link, All In A 3D-GIF

The Moon From Marjora’s Mask, Bullet Bill, Mario, Link, All In A 3D-GIF

If you remember playing Marjora’s Mask, the sixth instalment in the Legend Of Zelda series, you might remember the looming, menacing moon throughout the game who perpetually crashed into Termina in three days. Or something. I never played the game, so I’m getting this from Wikipedia. But the above 3D-GIF by artist Billy Allison is so darn awesome, I’m doing my best to understand what I’m seeing, and the moon you see there, along with Link’s presence, is an allusion to that game. The moon of course is not the same as the one in the game, but is rather a replica of the one from George Melies’ 1902 classic ‘A Trip To The Moon’ (which you’ll recall seeing in the movie Hugo, or from Smashing Pumpkin’s ‘Tonight, Tonight’ music video). And apparently Link has teamed up with Mario to take on the falling moon, which might explain the presence of Bullet Bill hitting the moon in the eye (since Bullet Bill comes from the Mario Bros. franchise).

Listen, art is art and it doesn’t necessarily need to make a lot of sense. This particular piece happens to make more sense than many I’ve seen, and to be honest, I’m just more blow away by the 3D effect than anything else. So enjoy.

[ Billy Allison’s Facebook Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]