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Love Her? Then Eat Her: Japanese Cafe Molds Chocolate Into Women’s Faces

Chocolate Face

Does your chocolate have a face? And by face, we’re talking about the face of your significant other and not that of some random cartoon character or superhero. Chances are, it doesn’t, because these molded chocolate balls are only available from Shibuya’s FabCafe. They’re holding an event where female attendees can have their faces scanned so that molds of it can then be printed. The molds are filled with chocolate, and once it hardens, voila: they’ll have a handful of balls with their faces imprinted on each one.

Just in time for Valentine’s!

In case you were wondering why only women get to have chocolates made in their likeness, it’s because it’s the women who give out chocolates on February 14th in Japan.

Chocolate Face

VIA [ That’s Nerdalicious]