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‘Loading…’ Watch Concept Makes You Infinitely Wait For Time

‘Loading…’ Watch Concept Makes You Infinitely Wait For Time

The ‘Loading…’ watch concept is definitely one of the most interesting ones that I’ve seen lately. It pays homage to the screen that gamers often find themselves faced with when loading up their video game of choice. It also looks like the progress bar of computers back when screens only came in black and white and it took close to a few minutes to get the system all booted up.

And now, thanks to Max, this load screen could be featured on your next watch. That is, if Tokyo Flash ever decides to go with the design and turn the concept into a reality.

Loading Watch

The ‘Loading’ watch features a larger-than-usual display which tells the time based on the incremental blocks on status bar. The top bar gives the hours, while the bottom bar represents the minute hand. The percentage on the side refers to the time being AM or PM, with 0% to 50% representing the former and 51% to 100% representing the latter. The small bar on the bottom right indicates the seconds as they tick by.

For example, in the watch face above, you’ll see that the time reads 6:45 AM. It’s a pretty complicated way to tell the time, but it’s a fun concept and I hope it gets turned into a reality someday. And hopefully, soon.

VIA [ Gizmag ]