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Would You Wear A Tiny Plant Around Your Neck?

Would You Wear A Tiny Plant Around Your Neck?

We’re not sure what kind of person loves plants so darn much as to wear them around their neck, but we’re thinking at least one: whoever conceived of this product. That being said, the Wearable Planter seems like the kind of object that’s just quirky enough to interest at least a few of our readers, if only so you can wear it and have people go “wtf is that on your neck?” at you. It’s 3D printed in acrylic and hand finished for smoothness, and costs all of $37. There are instructions on how to get your plant in there, but it doesn’t come with one.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Incredible Things ]

  • Morgan Griffith

    Heck ya I’d wear it. Somedays I think it should be a garlic plant.

  • marijoca

    I would wear it. I might put lavender, or a small rose. Love the idea.