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Somehow, The Cloud Got Behind The Sun In This Egg Mold

Somehow, The Cloud Got Behind The Sun In This Egg Mold

There are many ways to brighten up your morning, and putting your eggs into a cloud shaped mold is as good as any. You can make a pretty landscape on your plate, and think about how much better your life would be if you could be anywhere else in the world but in the frozen tundra that northeastern America has become… Only, we’re not sure how the cloud manages to get, you know, behind the sun. But we suppose that’s one of those pedantic thoughts you’re not supposed to have because they ruin the picture. So, there you have it: the Sunnyside egg mold is $12.

Update: Design by Avihai Shurin for Monkey Business.

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  • Frank

    I’ll tell you how the cloud gets behind the sun: The separation between the sun and cloud does not go all the way to the surface of the pan (this is evident on the right side of the sun). So you would crack the entire egg into the sun, the white spreads out all over the entire shape and the yolk is “trapped” to make the sun.