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Why Pay When You Can Do It For Free? Site Makes Fake Facebook Girlfriends for $10 Each

Namoro Fake

You might’ve heard all about how some people pranked footballer Manti Te’o into thinking that he had an online girlfriend. It was a pretty sick joke, made sicker by the fact that they ended the relationship with her fake death. The other side of the story to that is NamoroFake.

It’s a website that offers to create fake girlfriends for guys for whatever reason they may have: to make an ex-girlfriend jealous, to make their friends think they have a life, to make parents get off their case about finding a girl… At the very least, it’s a ridiculous idea and I can’t imagine anyone who’d be willing to pay top dollar for a fake profile of a girl. The fake girlfriend packages start at $10, which comes with only 3 comments and a measly 3-day validity. Cough up twice that amount and you’ll get a girlfriend for 7 days and 5 comments.

Maybe the craziest part is that Namoro seems like it’s a huge hit, as all ‘girlfriends’ are currently taken and you have to get on a waiting list before you can have one made, just for you.

I wonder what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about this.


  • Michael Andrew Tomlin

    I know what I think and unfortunately none of it can be typed online.