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Quirky Pluck Takes The Yolk Out Of The Egg In A Pinch

Quirky Pluck Takes The Yolk Out Of The Egg In A Pinch

Egg white omelettes: if you eat these, you’re probably health conscious. And really, what’s not to like about them? Low calorie, low cholesterol, high protein; they’re the perfect health food. Only, extracting the yolk from the white can be a little frustrating sometimes. The Quirky Pluck, alternatively called “Sunny Side Out”, was inspired by a YouTube video that used a compressed water bottle to simply suck the yolk right out of an already broken egg. It’s a simple two-piece plastic/silicone suction device that easily plucks the yolk, and holds it within until you’re ready to spit it back out elsewhere; it’s kind of like a large reverse turkey baster. Getting to those egg whites really couldn’t be much easier, short of buying them pre-separated in a carton. The device is two-piece for easy cleaning, and at $13, makes a no-nonsense addition to anyone’s kitchen, especially that of the health freak.

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