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Panorama Knives Aren’t Exactly Useful, But Do Look Awesome

Remember that time you went to Zurich, and spent your days skiing? No? Nor do we: we’re too broke to go Alpine skiing. But we can bet some of our readers have been and we’d be surprised if they’d have been anything other than smitten with the experience. Why not commemorate it with a set of knives whose serrated edges are the outlines of the Alps? Three panoramas are featured: the Zurich Panorama, the Lake of Constance Panorama, and the Berner Alps Panorama. Granted, these knives are probably better suited on display somewhere in your house, rather than cutting through a block of Emmental, but who are we to tell you what to do? Not to mention we can’t even tell you just how much they’ll set you back, since no price is available. There does appear to be a US distributor however, SwissConnection in Georgia.

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