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ManScaping 101: The Selective Hair Trimmer

ManScaping 101: The Selective Hair Trimmer

This is a quandary that the more appearance-conscious men among us often face: to keep all body hair on and look like a small gorilla, or shave it all off and look like a pre-pubescent child? This is as polar a topic as the front/rear pocket wallet decision. Or the facial hair decision. Everyone’s got an opinion and few people agree. The Mudage Jolie Body Hair Remover hopes to split the difference and strike a compromise: simply pass it over the hairier parts of your body and it will only remove some hairs, not all. This way, you can have you cake and eat it too. You can keep enough hair to maintain a semblance of masculinity, but remove the excess that makes you look like you stepped out of the Planet of the Apes set.

Unfortunately, this is a Japanese product and is being imported through the always-overpriced JapanTrendShop. So it’ll cost ya $33.

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