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Strap Your Head To A Seat And Finally Sleep On That Plane

We’ve all been there, nodding off on a plane only to wake up fifteen minutes later with a neck ache, and drool on our chins. It’s not pretty, put we still put up with these indignities in the name of efficient global transportation. Or something. The Relax ALLY Travel Restband tries to offer a simple solution: just strap your head to the seat! It’s a simple strap that can be configured to attach to pretty much any sized seat, and which will hold your head upright as you go to sleep. And it’s not like you have to worry about being restrained in case you need to urgently set yourself free: the thing fastens with a snap button.

It’s $39 and comes in its own carrying case. It’s the early hours of the IndieGogo campaign, but should this be funded, you should get yours next month.

[ Product Page ]

  • relawson

    it seems to stay in place when you’re also in an “open cabin” aircraft… as can be seen from the photo