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Make Emergency Calls Anytime, Anywhere with the SpareOne Phone

Make Emergency Calls Anytime, Anywhere with the SpareOne Phone

SpareOne Emergency

The first thing most people do when disaster strikes is call 911 when they’re in trouble. When they’re not, they immediately bring out the phone book and check up on family, friends, and other relatives. You can’t get help or reach out to give help without a phone, obviously, and it’s unfortunate that most phones in the market today don’t really have the best battery lives that’ll let you do all this in times of great emergency.

There’s one, however, that’s been recently unveiled and upgraded, and that’s the SpareOne Emergency phone.

It’s a barebone phone which is simplistic in design and construction. It can be used to make an emergency call from any location, or as a regular, unlocked mobile if you insert a GSM SIM card at the slot in the back. The best thing about it is its impressive use of energy: the SpareOne can be powered by a single AA battery and provide over 10 hours of talk time! It also has an embedded flash light that can be used for up to twenty hours with the single cell battery.

The upgraded version of the phone is the SpareOnePlus, which comes with GPS. This makes the owner of the device traceable with the use of a free smartphone app. The SpareOne is available for $100, while pricing information for the Plus version is yet to be announced.

VIA [ Chip Chick ]