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You Know You Want It: HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica

You Know You Want It: HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica

HAL 9000 Replica

Remember HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey? No? Well, let me jog your memory. HAL 9000 was the malfunctioning AI that decided to murder a crew of astronauts who were planning to disconnect it. That’s where the fun begins (for the viewers, I mean, and not for the astronauts.) HAL was voted as one of the greatest movie villains of all time, and now you can actually own it–well, a replica of it–once it’s back in stock on ThinkGeek.

The retailer boasts that their $500 ‘life-size’ replica is the most accurate replica of the HAL 9000 ever made, and understandably so: it was built using 1967 blueprints as a guide, and they were even able to get the original image files for the labels. Aside from looking the part, the replica is able to speak 15 different phrases as a response to voice and IR remotes.

This HAL 9000 replica doesn’t cheap, but nothing good ever does, right?

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