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Gost Barefoots Lets You Go Sort-of Barefoot the Medieval Way


Some are stuffy, some are painful to wear, and others look downright atrocious. I’m talking about shoes–and if you haven’t found the pair that’s right for you, then you’re in for a lot more pain down the line. Going barefoot isn’t really an option, either. Can you imagine walking on the pavement on a scorching afternoon? That would be torture.

So why don’t you go semi-barefoot instead with Gost Barefoots’ chainmail foot sleeves? Gost’s managing director Jörg Peitzker explained that the shoes push the belief that man is supposed to interact with nature without being impeded by shoes. What they did was strip away the material and all the frills that modern-day shoes had and replaced them with chainmail.


These look painful to wear, but they will allow you to feel the surface of what you’re walking on, as well as the temperature and humidity level. While they’ll definitely protect your feet from huge rocks and sharp objects, I’m not sure how much protection these will give you for teeny tiny shards of glass and other pointy objects.

Gost Barefoots’ chainmail shoes are available in a variety of styles, with prices starting at €178 (about $235).

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