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Give Your Christmas Tree the Old Heave-Ho to Outer Space

Rocket Tree

Christmas has passed and we’re well into the first week of the new year. It’s time to take down the holiday decorations, finish the leftovers from various family dinners, and get back to work. The biggest holiday clean-up hassle of all, though, is the tree. It’s huge, it’s bulky, and it’s probably the most tedious to take care of.

Several folks probably felt the same way, so they did something you probably wanted to do but never did with your tree: send it to outer space.

Well, almost-outer space anyway, since the tree rose over 120 feet before making its descent. The Christmas tree rocket was propelled upward by 32 rocket engines powered by a car battery. An on-board tree cam provided amazing views of the entire flight, as you can see in the clip above.

VIA [ The Daily Mail ]