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These iPhone Cases With (Fake) Swappable Ears Are, Well, All Ears

All Ears

Ever wanted to appear like you aren’t on the phone even when you actually really are? Well, at least at first glance, anyway? Then you’ll probably want to check out these All Ears iPhone cases by Fred and Friends that are literally all ears. This isn’t the first time that someone decided to make a phone case featuring the body part where they’re likely to be used on, but these are probably some of the quirkiest ones I’ve ever seen.

These will also give you more bang for your buck because you’re sort of getting six different cases in one. The All Ears case comes in two versions: the guy version and the girl version. Each comes with a hard-plastic clear case and six different ear inserts that range from tame ears to wild and crazy-looking ones.

All Ears

So when you feel like being boring, just use the plain inserts. Go for the blinged-out ears if you want to class things up a bit or use the ears with multiple piercings if you want to go all out. The choice is yours–just be prepared to get startled looks and long stares when you use your phone in public.

The All Ears case is priced at $14.99. These and a bunch of other neat cases and accessories are available online at the Accessory Geeks Apple Shop.

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