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This Robot Wants to Wish You a Happy New Year

This Robot Wants to Wish You a Happy New Year

Happy New Year Robot

Happy New Year!

Who did you kiss on New Year’s Eve? We’re into the second day of 2013 and thankfully, the world hasn’t ended. We might be a little late to the party, but this little robot from Alderbaran Robotics wasn’t, because he was dancing up a ton while wishing everyone a happy new year. In case you missed him, you can hit the break to check out his little performance.

Speaking of the New Year… Have you noticed that people draw up resolutions that they fail at or forget about halfway through the year? I don’t have anything against resolutions but I do think that it’s a waste of time to list a couple if you don’t really intend to follow through.

But here’s some food for thought: Why do people want to change? Most would say that they want to improve themselves so that they can achieve their goals, be happier, or get more from life, simply because they want more from life. There’s nothing with wanting more but that could lead to a lot of unhappiness and discontentment down the line.

So here’s an alternative: Why don’t you come up with a list of stuff you can be thankful for in the year 2012? It could that raise you got halfway through 2012 or the birth of the newest member of your family. It could be the day you brought home your first pet or that time you bought the laptop that you’ve been wanting for months. Start making this list and start being thankful–and then get ready for more things to be thankful for this year. Who knows? Maybe this habit might just stick with you.

VIA [ Dvice ]