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Because This Is The Bookcase You Deserve, But Not The One You Need Right Now

You need a practical bookcase, one that can efficiently serve as storage for the mountains of paperbacks that you refuse to throw once you’ve read them. You need to be able to order them alphabetically, for easy retrieval. You need to look at them in neat stacks. After all, you always get your ducks in a row. But you’re looking at this case, and you know you really want it. We want it too, even if the book mosaic within is making us anxious; unlike Lt. James Gordon’s easy decision to cast Batman as a villain, we’re a little torn.

The $283 price tag, however, and the relative emptiness of the bank account is making the point somewhat moot. Maybe not for you though, so hit the link at the bottom to order yours, if you’re so inclined. They’re made to order, and measure 22 x 32 inch / 56 x 82 cm.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]

  • rebeccajdisqus

    Is that a printer mounted on the wall above the bookshelf?

  • dponce80

    Lol. No I think that’s an AC.

  • rebeccajdisqus

    Oh, silly me! I forgot about those things (I live in a cool climate). That’s not a bad-looking AC, either.

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    only for BatBooks :)