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DASH Wallet Lets You Use Card Without Taking It Out

DASH Wallet Lets You Use Card Without Taking It Out

There are lots of companies trying to make a better wallet. Any improvement over the scoliosis-inducing mammoths we carry today is welcome, and the DASH wallet pictured above is one of our favorites. It’s a slim wallet that intends for you to carry the essentials, and in this it’s fairly banal. But what sets it apart is the little window on the side of its “quickdraw compartment” that allows you to partially push out one card so that the magnetic stripe is exposed, and use it without actually taking it out. Everyone has that one card that they use all the time; set that one in the quickdraw slot and save, well… not a lot of time, but hey: it’s the convenience. There is another slot for a few more cards, and yet a third one for cash.

Fully loaded it appears to be not much more than half an inch thick. It’s made from black elastic fabric, and recycled materials and will cost you a $24 pledge on the almost sold out Kickstarter campaign.

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