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Titanium Entry Card Is Cool, Easily Abused

Titanium Entry Card Is Cool, Easily Abused

The country is having a conversation about tools that can be used to do bad things. And while a set of lockpicking tools doesn’t quite compare to the gun debate, the idea is that in irresponsible hands, the Titanium Entry Card could be seen to promote illegal activity. But there may be situations where you actually do need to pick a lock, legally. Like when you lock yourself out, which does happen more than anyone cares to admit. Should this happen to you, this 0.032in., wallet-sized, aircraft-grade Titanium card contains two identical sets of tools that will get you back inside in no time. Two sets because, well, once you snap one set out, it’s kind of impossible to carry it with the same convenience. “With each card, you’ll have two tension (torsion) wrenches and two sets of bogota tools (triple and single hump) perfect for raking or single-pin picking. You’ll also receive a durable Tyvek sleeve for protection.” It’s $50.

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