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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap


Every year, hundreds of millions of presents are packaged in giftwrap or presented in exquisite gift bags to the recipients. And each year, the world’s landfills just keep getting fuller and fuller.

While the ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap is, by far, not the solution of all solutions to get rid of all this seasonal waste, it presents a fun and quirky alternative. ecoChici was thought up by graphic designer Amy Lewis, and she was able to come up with the reusable fabric gift wrap kits with the help of her husband.


The ecoChici gift wrap is available in three sizes and comes in a variety of designs. Each wrap is hand-printed in Australia and comes packaged with two ribbon clips. Wrapping gifts using the ecoChici might be confusing at first, but no worries, because each kit comes with instructions on how you’re supposed to use it.


Go green this Christmas with ecoChici. You can get them online for about $23. A Christmas Family Pack is available for $165.

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