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Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser Gets Rid of Sagging Cheeks? Yeah, Right!

Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser

Do you exercise your tongue? Before you answer ‘no’, you might want to reconsider if you’ve ever French-kissed with someone. Aside from that, I can only think of a handful of other things that people can do to exercise their tongues, although I doubt they do these things explicitly for that reason.

As you might already know, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. Not that it really needs it–but if you want to, then you can actually exercise it with the Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser.

Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser

Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser

Sounds bizarre, I know. That’s because it really is bizarre.

The Tongue Exerciser is basically a mouthpiece that has a little, round chamber where you’re supposed to stick your tongue in. To ‘exercise’ it and tone your face and get rid of sagging cheeks, you’re supposed to move your tongue up and down, clench your teeth, or push your tongue out against your clenched teeth for one minute every day.

Its makers have also added a grapefruit flavor to the mouthpiece to make sure that users don’t get too grossed out. If you’re willing to give it a shot, it’s available for $49.

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