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CDW Cloud Collaboration Takes The Grunt Work Out Of Enterprise Unified Communications

Enterprise level IT can be a demanding field, one usually reserved for larger companies with many employees.  At that level, any attempt to develop a homogenous and unified computing infrastructure is always a daunting and expensive task.  But there are companies out there, like CDW, who aim to relieve the burden somewhat by offering first class solutions that can either complement or replace those you might create yourself.  

Take, for instance, their new CDW Cloud Collaboration offering.  In a day where more and more applications  are going to the cloud, this does just that to a variety of communication tools, like voicemail, mobility, videoconferencing, contact center services, instant messaging and presence.  The product uses Unified Communication tools from Cisco systems, and mates them to CDW's managed services to deliver a seamless experience that doesn't suffer from many of the regular drawbacks to a traditional UC rollout. For instance, the fact that CDW hosts this service at their 485,000-square-foot Tier IV facility means that if should you experience any unexpected usage spike in your services, they'll be more than able to handle to surge.  Matter of fact, CDW boats of "four nines of uptime", which means they're up 99.99% of the time.

And while the Cloud Collaboration offering itself is a new bundle of CDW's services, they are not new to Unified Communications at all, having completed over 4,000 Cisco Unified Communications rollouts over the past decade.  You'd be dealing with an experienced team, and essentially outsourcing a chunk of the more undesirable UC workload to them so that you can free up your IT team to do stuff that is more valuable to your company.

You can read more about this at CDW’s Solutions blog, or watch the video, embedded above.


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