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1 Second Everyday App Puts Together a Video Diary of Every Second of Your Life

One Second Everyday

When things get too busy or overwhelming, I remind myself to breathe and try to take things one moment at a time. Sometimes, your days might feel like they’re filled with things that you’re not prepared or equipped to handle. Other times, things might seem like they’re at a standstill, and you’re left wondering whether you’re making any progress or moving forward with your life.

Regardless, each of these moments will ultimately shape your life and change who you are as you go along–so don’t miss them. And to make sure that you remember a precious second from everyday is Cesar Kuriyama‘s proposed 1 Second Everyday app. It’s a sleek application that lets you record one second every day so you can watch ten years of your life unfold in one hour someday.

Hit the break for a couple of clips that show off Cesar’s app and project.

Here’s a clip showing off a preview of the app:

And here’s an example of what you can come up with when you use it religiously everyday:

The 1 Second Everyday app is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $1 will get you the app for your iOS device.

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