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Bold Poker Brings Smartphone New To Gambling Old

Bold Poker Brings Smartphone New To Gambling Old

There are very few things quite as satisfying as a poker night with the buddies. You get yourself a couple drinks, play some music, and hope to go home with a bit more money than you started with. It’s been a tradition for quite some time, and it’s always been one that required roughly the same gear: chips, a deck of cards and a dealer button. The application Bold Poker hopes to replace most of the physical gear with a virtual set, involving a central iPad (or any iDevice, but an iPad would work best) and an iPhone in each player’s hands. The application deals the cards automatically when the dealer button is moved, and they appear on the player’s phone. Depending on the angle you hold your phone, the cards appear either upright for normal viewing, or reversed for discreet mirror use. Chips, however, are still required.

The advantages are many, including not having to wait to reshuffle the pack every time, not having to deal with inexperienced friends who aren’t really sure what to do next, etc. Plus it’s fun. It only handles Texas Holdem’ at the moment, and it’ll cost you $2.

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