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The Homemade Gin Kit

The Homemade Gin Kit

There’s somewhat of a debate among liquor aficionados over flavored Vodka. Some say it’s crap. If we’re talking about stuff like Raspberry Vodka, flavored with artificial coloring and chemicals, we tend to agree; it’s very college Freshman pillow party. But then there’s gin. You could argue that gin is flavored Vodka as well. And it is. But the way in which the flavoring is achieved is very different than those other mass market, pink berry… things. The Homemade Gin Kit lets you explore that process at home. No, there’s no distillation involved, since you can seriously harm yourself by distilling something when you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, the kit takes a bottle of Vodka and makes you “steep [it] with the included juniper berries and carefully selected, hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers, and aromatics.” Think of it as a homemade pasta sauce kit, where you just add tomato juice and paste, only more fun. 36 hours after you start the process you’ll have a batch of about 750ml of gin, which you can pour in the 500ml and 250ml included bottles. One for you, one to gift and impress your friends with.

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