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Spot the Nots: Miniature Christmas Candle Holders Bring Something New to the Nativity Scene

Christmas Theme Candle Holders

The countdown to Christmas continues. We’ve looked at Christmas trees and ornaments and even houses that exuded the holiday vibe in their own little way. But one thing we haven’t covered yet is the nativity scene, which captures the true meaning and essence of Christmas. As a kid, my mom and I would do some crafts and use recycled materials to recreate the scene so we could display it at the foot of our tree. That tradition slowly died out as I grew up, but it’s a tradition that’s waiting to be restarted with the birth of my beautiful niece.

Until then, we’ve had to make do with alternatives that didn’t require as much effort (since all we had to do was buy them), like this exquisitely-made miniature Christmas candle holder set. It’s a different take to the usual scene, and for two very obvious reasons. Can you spot the nots?

The Christmas tree and the festive-looking Santa Claus with his sack full of presents might seem a little bit out of place, but I think it breathes new life into the picture. Each of the holders stands at about 5 inches tall, so they’re small, but I like the fact that they’re actually candle holders so they aren’t just there for display. It’s like knocking two turtle doves with one gigantic gold ring, if you ask me.

This Christmas-themed candle set is available from for $89.99.

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