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The Crib Dribbler Feeds Your Kid So You Don’t Have To

The Crib Dribbler Feeds Your Kid So You Don’t Have To

Having a kid is serious business. They require not only attention, but nursing, feeding, cleaning, clothing… It’s a full time job! But it’s not wrong to take some time for yourself now and then. The Crib Dribbler above installs in a crib, and lets your child feed himself a high energy mixture that comes in powdered form, or any other liquid type of energy that you see fit for his consumption. Juice, stew, formula, you name it. Much like the feeders found in hamster cages, the Crib Dribbler can give you hours of freedom so you can live your own life for a little while.

Ok… Yeah, no, it’s not a real product. You were intrigued? Shame on you! The above is just a prank gift box that you can give someone you know. Enjoy watching their expression as they unwrap what they believe to be a real gift, only to discover an ignominious product inside. It’s funny, ok? Bring a camera and record them, then laugh until you get bored and move on. It’s $8.

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