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Look Lock Makes It Easier To Get Those Tricky Kid Shots

Look Lock Makes It Easier To Get Those Tricky Kid Shots

Taking a professional photograph of an infant is about as easy as getting half a dozen cats to sit still for 5 minutes. If you manage to get them to look into the lens (the kids, that is), they’ll be crying because they’re in an unfamiliar environment. And if they’re not crying, they’re being distracted by the butterfly on the window, or some such. A possible solution is something like the Look Lock above, which is an articulated arm attachment that lets you dangle a smartphone from just above your camera’s lens, hopefully capturing the child’s attention while directing his gaze in the right direction. You can play a fun video, put up pictures of cats or whatever it is that passes for acceptable child entertainment these days. It comes in a 7 or 11-inch version and both of them attach to the hot shoe of the camera or to an extension rail. The former costs $75, while the slightly longer version is just $5 more.

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