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Give Your Bicycle A Galloping Horse Sound

Give Your Bicycle A Galloping Horse Sound

There are those products you write about because you’re just thinking “wtf is this, and why does it exist, and crap it’s actually pretty cool although it’s rather useless.” The Trotify is one of those products. It’s a wooden device that sits on your front wheel and makes your bike clop like a horse. That… is it. It consists of a number of separate parts that come flat packed and are to be assembled at home. The clopping sound itself is generated by two halves of a coconut shell hitting one another. Yes, that’s apparently a Monty Python reference, and yes it appears as though the product’s entire raison d’etre is to add a bit of whimsy to your otherwise banal bike ride. It does look like a fun project to put together and have sitting on your front wheel, if only for ten minutes.

The company needs 1,000 pre-orders before they can hit production, and they’re sitting at 135 at the moment. It’s $32, which won’t break the bank. If you know only one hard core hipster with a sense of humor, there’s your Christmas present for him/her.

We’ve included a couple of videos of the device in action after the break. Well… two are of the device in action (the first two), the other is sort of a brain melting commercial that cannot be unseen. You’ve been warned. So hit the jump for that and links.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CNet News ]


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