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Forever Alone: Christmas Dinner In A Can

Forever Alone: Christmas Dinner In A Can

Christmas, also known as the two month period between the end of Halloween and December 25, is upon us. With it comes endless consumerism, endless gluttony and the requisite family gatherings. They’re great, except when they aren’t. Know what we mean? Wish to skip? You don’t have to go all-in and skip on the food too. The Hot Can above isn’t a frozen dinner that you pop in the microwave. This is a self-heating can of “Turkey casserole with winter veg, chipolatas, stuffing balls and cranberry jelly.” That my friends, is Christmas. In a can. A self-heating can. Which you can eat all by your lonesome self if you so desire. No need to smile. No need to cook. Heck, no need to even wear clothes. No one said you couldn’t enjoy the Christmas spirit all by yourself.

Or, heck, enjoy it with others and serve the Dinner In A Can anyway! Cooking is very 2011. And, depending on your situation, this initiative will either delight or seriously worry your guests, both of which can be entertaining outcomes during the Holidays.

£6 or $10 will get you about 400g (roughly 1 lb.) of grub.

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