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Toasted Scorpions, Anyone?

Toasted Scorpions, Anyone?

Who says snacks have to be made of sugar or oily potatoes? No one, actually, but we couldn’t think of a better way of introducing the Toasted Scorpion snack you see above. We’re not saying it’s a good intro: we’re saying we’re creatively stunted. The Toasted Scorpions on the other hand are about as creative a snack as you’re going to find. These are sustainably farmed and delicately detoxified, bona fide scorpions that have been salted and toasted and packed for your snacking delight. So, no, they’re not poisonous. They are reportedly high in protein and low in fat and are sure to get the whole office talking if you find the courage to bring a pack of these tasty arachnids in, and eat it in front of your co-workers.

It’s £12 or about $20 for a box that contains roughly 5 scorpions. No one said exotic snack were cheap.

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