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ReTimer Glasses Promise To Help Fix Jetlag

ReTimer Glasses Promise To Help Fix Jetlag

There are many entrants in the field of light-aided circadian rhythm adjustment; the ReTimer is one of the more interesting ones due to its easy-to-wear design. What it does is promise to help you reduce jet lag, increase energy, overcome sleeplessness and overcome fatigue by shining an LED light in the green wavelength at your eyes. It does this from below so that you can still look ahead and not be blinded. The brain uses this light cue and adjusts its biorhythms accordingly.

There’s a particular science in using ReTimer properly, and fortunately their website gives you a “Jet Lag Calculator” where you can enter your departure place and time, as well as your arrival details and it will give you a program that will get your clock back in line faster than you could have achieved naturally. Allegedly. We don’t doubt the studies and the effectiveness of the device, but of course it’s not magic and will work differently with everyone. Still, if you don’t mind donning some pretty funky looking glasses and paying $260 for the privilege, the ReTimer could just be a useful tool for the jet setters of this planet.

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