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SNAP Longboard Folds In Half For Easy Transport

SNAP Longboard Folds In Half For Easy Transport

Longboards are great for cruising city streets with relative ease. Not for us, of course: we’d end up dead or dismembered. But that’s not relevant. What is important is to mention that while longboards are great, they’re not easily transported in cramped environments due to them being, well, long. The SNAP longboard however features two specialized hinges that trim its 38 inch length down to 19 when folded. That’s compact enough to fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag. The drawback of course is that if you want to use the board as more than a cruising vehicle, you could run into trouble; it stays straight and solid as long as the wheels are planted on the ground with your weight on top. If for instance you plan to grind it down a rail slide, they might fold up on you and that’d be bad. Then again, longboards aren’t meant for that kind of stuff anyway.

The company sells the board bare so you can fit your own hardware on it, or fully decked out with 83mm wheels, 180mm trucks and ABEC 9 bearings. It’s $140 for the former and $190, the latter.

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2 responses to “SNAP Longboard Folds In Half For Easy Transport”

  1. logan says:

    It is basically impossible to ollie a board with no tail and the trucks all the way at the ends. No leverage. Which means you couldn’t get it up onto that rail in the first place.
    ps: A grind and a rail slide are two different things. Both verbs.You don’t grind down a rail slide.

  2. dponce80 says:

    Hahaha. I’m like the middle aged parent trying to use his kid’s lingo all wrong. :-/