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Sun and Moon Watch Uses Celestial Bodies to Show You What Time It Is

Sun Moon Watch

Ever wondered how people could tell what time of day it was before watches were invented? Well, there were sun dials, water clocks, and candle clocks, but then there was also the celestial bodies. Obviously, looking at the sky won’t really tell you if it’s 3:15 or 3:45 in the afternoon, but really, what choice did they have?

Now you can tell time in a similar way that they did, only in a more developed and technological way with the Sun and Moon Watch. The name basically gives its most discerning feature away: instead of the usual watch face with hands and numerals, the watch features a crescent design instead where a disc with images of the ‘celestial bodies’ turns in the background.

The Sun and Moon basically indicate what hour it is, while the minute marker in the middle gives you, well, the minutes. The watch comes with a chart on how you’re supposed to read the time off it, so you can study it and get used to it in no time.

The watch looks pretty special, doesn’t it? It’s also limited edition, with only 100 made available at $199.95 each.

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