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iPhone Keyboards of the Future Will Be Made of Paper

iPhone Keyboards of the Future Will Be Made of Paper


I have relatively fat fingers, so typing messages and emails on my iPhone can get pretty frustrating sometimes. I haven’t bothered getting any of those Bluetooth keyboards because they’re pretty bulky, but I might just get one of these paper keyboards–if and when they become available, that is.

This Vibrative Virtual Keyboard was created by Swiss programmer Florian Kraeutli. It’s basically a piece of paper that’s been emblazoned with an image of a keyboard. This unusual keyboard works by having the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer measure and detect key locations, based on the taps on the paper.

Hit the break for a video featuring Florian’s paper keyboard.

Florian still has a long way to go with his keyboard, since his current prototype can only achieve about 80% accuracy. Regardless, it’s still a pretty impressive project.

VIA [ Dvice ]


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