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Your Underwear, Now With More Deodorizing

Your Underwear, Now With More Deodorizing

Popular among Japanese businessmen, the Deoest undergarment line features a special fabric that, well, deodorizes you as you wear it. Or rather, it apparently masks whatever smells might be coming off your body so that you may not be “that guy” in the office without actually going to the trouble of, you know, washing. It’s really kind of gross if you think about it that way, but you could also position it as simple precaution for anyone with a tendency to generate body door.

The fabric is coated with ceramic nanoparticules, which is what does the deodorizing, though we’re not clear on the chemistry of it. Still, if it works as advertised, we expect it to do well outside of the Japanese market, even if there are no clear plans for expansion. Prices are in line with that of regular underwear so there’s really no reason not to get this, as long of course as you don’t see this as a reason to start a bad hygiene habit.

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