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Your Monitor, Now With 100% More Tablet

Your Monitor, Now With 100% More Tablet

Data: sometimes you can never get enough of it. But tripling up on your monitors is not the only way you can fit more of it in front of your face. After all, the stuff on those three monitors still comes from the same computer. But with this versatile VESA 100-MR067 LCD Display Tablet Stand, you can attach any 7-12 inch tablet on a triple-jointed swivelling arm and position it anywhere you want. The arm itself securely attaches to the mounts on the back of a VESA compliant display, which is pretty much any modern monitor these days. The contraption does weigh 4.4lbs, plus the weight of the tablet, so make sure that the base is wide enough to support the additional heft. Still, you should be fine and feasting on Tweets, stock quotes… weather reports… or whatever it is that’s on a tablet that’s so darn crucial that you need to attach it to your monitor.

It’s 6,480 Yen, or about $82.

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