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Edible Deodorant Candy Fights Body Odor From the Inside

Edible Deodorant Candy Fights Body Odor From the Inside

Deodorant Candy

It looks like we’ve got a lot of oddly edible stuff in our line-up for today. First up was the edible iPhone 5 case that was more of a snack treat than an actual iPhone case. Next in line are these sugar-free Deo perfume candies that claim to get rid of body odor (or at least mask it with the scent of perfume) if you take the recommended serving for your body weight.

It sounds weird, but that’s what it says on the packaging. So how does it work? It basically contains a rose oil that exudes an aromatic compound called geraniol, which will evaporate through your skin a couple of hours after you take it. Reviews say that the candy doesn’t taste awesome, and putting on deodorant isn’t exactly the hardest thing to do in the world, so I’m a little skeptical about these perfume candies.

But then again, they’re currently sold out online for now, so who knows?

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