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Manticuda Knife Is Created With Some Serious Cutting In Mind

Manticuda Knife Is Created With Some Serious Cutting In Mind

It’s hard to look at the Manticuda and think that it was created with anything other than killing in mind. Featuring a pistol grip which allows you to hold it in a more natural fashion, its forward thrusts will carry more impact as they are aligned with the forearm axis and leave the wrist straight. In other words, you can punch-stab. The blade itself

features a wide blade design to create large, gaping (i.e. noticeable) wounds to quickly disable someone, as in a weapon retention engagement. The double-edges give the knife twice the cutting perimeter/potential with no unusable/wasted space on the blade periphery. Blade cutouts reduce weight and serves various utility functions such as a Nail Puller, Bottle Opener, or other prying tasks.

There’s an argument to be made about self-defense, and we suppose the Manticuda could scare would-be assailants away. And it would definitely do more than disable them if you end up having to use it. Now, we don’t condone violence nor are we in the business of promoting products intended for killing. But we also believe in an adult’s ability to make his own decisions and carry something as badass as the Manticuda without going around maiming people.

It’s $275.

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2 responses to “Manticuda Knife Is Created With Some Serious Cutting In Mind”

  1. $275 for a push dagger? Really?

  2. David Nash says:

    But Mike, it doubles as a bottle opener, and leaves “noticeable” wounds…