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Whimsical LED Balloon Light Is Perfect For… Whimsical Settings?

We’re not terribly creative, so we can’t suggest the ideal places where the above product would be perfect. Parties? That seems too obvious. But the Balloon Lamp, which is designed by Kouichi Okamoto, just looks like it would be perfect somewhere, if only we could think of where that is. Powered by a high-intensity LED light, you can just hang it anywhere you want with the included hook. Two regular balloons are included, but you’re of course free to use your own, of any color. The two Li-Ion batteries included provide up to 100 hours of illumination, so it’ll last through whatever event you end up using it on, though it’s probably not the best solution as permanent lighting for the home.

Whimsy doesn’t come cheap though: a set of two will set you back $77.

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  • Christian Polanco

    Ummm, I bought these for a rave not 2 weeks ago. They were only $4 for 8 balloons at Walmart. Not $77