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TGT Wallet Is Another Take On Minimal

TGT Wallet Is Another Take On Minimal

The type of wallet you choose as well as where you decide to stash it (front vs. rear pocket) is a topic of endless discussion in some circles. But there’s no denying that the growing trend is to go minimal and carry only the essentials in the front pocket; the George Costanza types are a dying breed. Capitalizing on the movement is the TGT (which stands for “Tight”) wallet seen above: “The TGT 1.0 is a simple wallet made of rare high quality elastic. The TGT 2.0 adds a pocket made of fine Italian leather.” And that, really, is it. With an effort in restraint, you can select only your essential plastic and some paper money and not have to worry about herniating a vertebral disc from sitting on an overstuffed wallet again. The TGT wallet is fully funded on Kickstarter… 5 times over actually, and at $16 and $32, you’ll still have plenty of that paper money left to carry around in it after you’ve placed your order. Better yet, it’s apparently not too late to order it in time for the Holidays.

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