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Let’s All Creep It Up This Winter With Integrated-Goggles Jacket

Let’s All Creep It Up This Winter With Integrated-Goggles Jacket

Ten points for creating a jacket that positively will not let any cold air touch your face. You’ll be able to roam the frozen tundra, safe in the knowledge that not an inch of your peachy skin will freeze. But that’s where the positive things about the “AI Riders on The Storm” jacket end. Or is that just the start? We’re a little torn. On the one hand, we kind of dig a piece of apparel that makes little old ladies cross the street to avoid us. It does look sort of badass. But we suspect that we’d also attract more than our fair share of stares from a public generally disapproving of anyone dressed as one would imagine a mass murderer would suit up. The question then is whether we should care? Well, at $454, the jacket pretty much prices itself right out of any sort of “hey, that could be cool to try out” sort of vibe we might have been feeling. Those with deeper pockets could of course disagree.

Hit the jump for a close up.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

P.S.: We know we source Geekologie a lot, and we feel bad. But it’s their fault for featuring so much awesome stuff. Sort of…

  • Quickest Startup Pitch Ever!!!

    perfect for a new “Friday the 13th” like movie … °o°

  • Eddie Sarphie

    Err…. it’s great, except… why the stupid poofball????