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With Increasing Data Needs, Its Management Also Needs To Beef Up

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CDW for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


We live in a time where data storage is cheap.  A 1TB hard drive costs, what, $70? And this is not even the bulk price.  The fact that its so cheap has a bunch of consequences, the major one of which is that businesses are no longer shy to produce reams and reams of data, all of which eventually needs to be secured and properly managed. Customer databases are ever expanding, CAD files are getting exponentially larger, emails remain in inboxes forever, financial transaction spreadsheets that only 15 years ago would have been impossible to handle are being created on a daily basis…  All of them are critical, but their ever expanding nature makes data storage management expertise an emerging necessity amongst businesses of all sizes. As an IT professional, you can decide to try and tackle the problem in house, or delegate to a company like CDW.
There are many advantages with going with CDW.  For one, you never have to worry about hardware again.  Sure, you can spend a good chunk of change setting up a nice server room today.  You can have all the RAID redundancies you like… but the truth is that in another 5 years there will be larger drives, faster drives and even more data to handle. You'll embark on a never ending upgrade cycle and have to hire people to manage it.  Why not let someone else worry about the hardware? CDW has tons of blade servers waiting for your data, and their virtualization software makes the heterogenous nature of the physical distribution of information appear as a simple, homogenous solution to you.  Data de-duplication software analyzes your files and eliminates redundancies. E-Discovery software even offers you a level of protection against litigation, making it easier to sift through terabytes of data looking for files that can help you defend yourself.
You can download CDW's Red Report: Managing Both Your Data And Your Sanity. It's free for a limited time.  It'll teach you how to Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%. You'll also learn how to gain faster access to critical info, better support your workforce, protect organizational data and eliminate structure inefficiencies. Once you've given that a look, CDW invites you to contact them so their team can help you get started on the path of better data storage management.


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