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This Gadget Can Save You From A Traffic Ticket

This Gadget Can Save You From A Traffic Ticket

You might have seen the Mythbusters episode where they try several methods to foil traffic cameras. If you didn’t, here’s a spoiler: they don’t work. However we think the above product, the NoPhoto, would be an exception… as long as the infraction occurs at night or the traffic cam uses flash during the day as well. The device is installed around your license plate, and detects when a flash is triggered, presumably from a traffic cam. It then triggers a precisely timed xenon bulb of its own which has the effect of overexposing the shot, ruining the picture and making your car unidentifiable. In principle, this should work. And in practice it does too. As a matter of fact, we’ve written about a product that uses the same principle before.

Jonathan Dandrow, the creator of the NoPhoto claims that

Traffic cameras are unconstitutional, because “if you do commit a traffic violation, you should have your constitutionally guaranteed right to face your accuser – and that your accuser should not win by default just because it happens to be a camera that can’t talk in court.”

His device is made in the USA, and (he says) it is legal to use in the US.

The NoPhoto’s basis for legality is that nothing is physically covering the plate. Yeah… we suspect that particular loophole might work for a while, at least until lawmakers re-write the bills to adjust for this technology. Still, until then, if you want yours, you can pledge to the Indiegogo project and get a NoPhoto for $200. This is $150 less than expected retail pricing.

[ NoPhoto Project ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]


4 responses to “This Gadget Can Save You From A Traffic Ticket”

  1. mike says:

    People should drive the speed limit, If you can’t follow the law than get the hell out of my country. All you do is cause road rage. Leave early and there is no reason to speed.

  2. Stefano says:

    Mike, even people who drive the speed limit get caught. Why? because it is almost impossible to keep your eyes fixed on the speedometer and look at the road at the same time. Cruise control helps but only on roads where the speed limit doesn’t change every other mile (or km).

  3. Techni Myoko says:

    I dont think you should be promoting illegal behavior