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Why?: Artist Makes Shoes With Backwards Heel

Why?: Artist Makes Shoes With Backwards Heel

The thing about art these days is that anyone with actual talent tends to get scooped up by the marketplace, and whoever is left is, well… mediocre. Yeah, that’s an intentionally inflammatory statement, as we’re sure there are still some decent artists who believe in their craft and haven’t sold out. But we still stand behind the observation, if only in a rule-of-thumb sort of way rather than a set-in-stone principle. That’s why we’re not surprised to come across things like the above “Scary Beautiful”, a pair of shoes for women which reverses the expected location of the heels and insole. It’s the brainchild of Cape Town-based designer Leanie van der Vyver, and Dutch designer and shoe fabricator RenΓ© van den Berg. It’s a work of “art”, which we’re sure will be appreciated by those with a more open mind than ours. Like most art, it represents something the artist wanted to express:

“humans are playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves. beauty is currently at an all time climax,
allowing this project to explore what lies beyond perfection. scary beautiful challenges current beauty ideals by inflicting
an unexpected new beauty standard.”

Artsy non-capitalization of words is of course not our doing. Listen folks, we just come across things and we let you know they exist. We’re not going to go on with our unrequested opinions. Let us just say that if you hit the jump, you’ll get a few more pictures, a weird-ass video of this girl wearing “Scary Beautiful”, and links.

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