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Military Spec Kevlar-Laced Socks Never Need Replacing

Military Spec Kevlar-Laced Socks Never Need Replacing

It’s well known that guys take a more relaxed approach to undergarment management. We wash them… but we wear them again and again, and again, until they start disintegrating. Those old enough to remember the great philosopher Seinfeld will no doubt recall the episode where he discusses this topic. But a company over at Kickstarter is hoping to change things around, for socks anyway. They’re calling their foot-wraps the Socrates Socks.

Using a military grade Kevlar|Carbon Matrix, these socks will never get a hole, droop, or wear out on the bottom.

Kevlar! Carbon fiber! We don’t really know if these socks are durable or not, but that’s enough buzz words to get our attention. Kickstarter-related quality control issues aside, we feel that if the product is really up to snuff, then the ~$!5/pair asking price is relatively fair. We’d pay that much for things that, at the very least, take a little longer to fall apart.

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